Since 1929 we have been producing flours, semi-finished and semi-finished concentrated products for bakery, pizzeria, pastry


All the goodness of experience.

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Our story is genuine, just like our flour.
At the core of the story there’s the mill, that has been present in the territory of Marmirolo since the period of Gonzaga, and following the German ownership during the first world war.

1929 was the year of the acquisition on behalf of Pietro Magri and his son Cuore Modesto, who took on a new way of innovation and technology. In 1948 a new factory was created and in 1969 the new silos for storage of raw materials. In the 70s the company began to be managed by Gian Pietro Magri, the current president of the mill, with whom new silos for finished products were bought in 1978.

The 1980’s buy way to handovers and new ideas. Anna, Modesto and Stefano begin working in the company next to their father, and our business meets a new productive and qualitative impulse. At the end of the 80’s a mixing plant is realised, which allows a diversification and personalization of the flours produced.

The revolution of technology is at our doors. In the 90’s our productive system becomes computerized and in 1999 a managerial system for the quality certificate UNI EN ISO 9002 is introduced, and then updated to meet new requirements Vision.

The value of experience has been transmitted through generation to generation, together with the history of who has done their jobs with passion, knowing respecting and innovating the original territory by guaranteeing raw materials of quality.


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