Since 1929 we have been producing flours, semi-finished and semi-finished concentrated products for bakery, pizzeria, pastry

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Mixes with cereals and seeds

Mixes with cereals and seeds

Mixes with cereals and seeds


  • Arabo

    A mix created to obtain bread according to the original Arabic recipe.Also available in the following variants:Arab P1 enriched with rolled oats flourArab P2 enriched with fine durum wheat flour, oat flour and rolled oats (no salt)Arab P4 enriched with fine durum wheat flour, oat flour and rolled oats

  • Tartaruga

    Mix made with corn, rolled oats flour for fragrant bread with thin, golden crust.Also available in the following variants:Turtle P2 enriched with rolled oats, cornmeal and rolled corn to give a rustic character.Turtle P3 enriched with cornmeal for a more intensely coloured crumb

  • Baguette

    Mix for traditional French baguette, with crispy crust and long shape.

  • Segalepan

    Mix with wheat flour and rye flour for small and medium sized breads. Ideal for making the typical dark brown bread of the Alto Adige region. Available in the following variants: Segalepan Rye flour enriched with toasted barley flour, malted wheat flour, wheat sourdough. Segalepan P1 Rye flour enriched with toasted barley flour, malted wheat flour, wheat sourdough, fennel seeds, cumin seeds. 

  • Girasoli

    Mix with corn flour and sunflower seeds, for small and medium sized light breads with a characteristic flavour.

  • Rustico

    Mix with seeds such as sesame, flax (yellow and brown), sunflower, rolled oat flour, rolled barley and whole grain rye flour.

  • Soia

    A blend with soya grits for small-sized high-absorption breads characterized by high protein content.

  • Multicereale

    Mix with cereals and seeds such as whole grain wheat flour, sesame seeds, flax seeds, rolled oats, rice semolina, soya flour and toasted cereal flours to give an intense flavour.

  • Cerealissimi

    A wheat flour blend enriched with barley, corn, oat, rye and soya flours.

  • Cerealplus

    A blend of sesame seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, oat flour and rolled oats; enriched with toasted barley malt to give the product the characteristic aroma and brown colour.


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