Since 1929 we have been producing flours, semi-finished and semi-finished concentrated products for bakery, pizzeria, pastry

Bread Mixes

The range of semi-prepared mixes is the result of years of developed research that has been perfecte

Flours enriched with cereals and seeds for the production of special breads.

10 and 25 kg open-mouth bags

Risatta 3 RESULTS

  • Risatta

    A blend of whole rice grains and durum wheat semolina, for sweet and savoury doughs. Its composition guarantees extended product freshness.

  • Risatta integrale

    With wholegrain Rice grains and wholegrain Rice flour, on a base of “INTEGRO” wholegrain common wheat flour from the MantoGrano Italian supply chain made from low-refinement processing that includes all the kernel’s components, germ included.The large size fragments of wheat and rice give to it high content of soluble and insoluble fibres such as BETAGLUCANS.

  • Risatta Rossa

    With wholegrain red rice and red rice flour on a base of type ‘1’ low-refined flour from the MantoGrano Italian supply chain. Wholegrain red rice is rich in ANTHOCYANINS - special natural antioxidant that give to it the typical red colour - in addition to iron, proteins and group B vitamins.


Mixes with cereals and seeds 10 RESULTS

  • Arabo

    A mix created to obtain bread according to the original Arabic recipe.Also available in the following variants:Arab P1 enriched with rolled oats flourArab P2 enriched with fine durum wheat flour, oat flour and rolled oats (no salt)Arab P4 enriched with fine durum wheat flour, oat flour and rolled oats

  • Tartaruga

    Mix made with corn, rolled oats flour for fragrant bread with thin, golden crust.Also available in the following variants:Turtle P2 enriched with rolled oats, cornmeal and rolled corn to give a rustic character.Turtle P3 enriched with cornmeal for a more intensely coloured crumb

  • Baguette

    Mix for traditional French baguette, with crispy crust and long shape.

  • Segalepan

    Mix with wheat flour and rye flour for small and medium sized breads. Ideal for making the typical dark brown bread of the Alto Adige region. Available in the following variants: Segalepan Rye flour enriched with toasted barley flour, malted wheat flour, wheat sourdough. Segalepan P1 Rye flour enriched with toasted barley flour, malted wheat flour, wheat sourdough, fennel seeds, cumin seeds. 


Mixes with natural yeast 3 RESULTS

  • Pan di mosto

    A blend of whole grain low-refinement INTEGRO flour, rich in fibre, vitamins, mineral salts and grape must with the typical aroma of wine, which achieves natural leavening without the need for brewer’s yeast.

  • Campagnolo

    A blend of low-refinement Type 1 flour and durum wheat semolina. It gives bread an intense aroma thanks to the inclusion of natural yeast.

  • Paesano

    A blend of low-refinement Type 2 flour with small bran specks, rich in fibre, vitamins, mineral salts and sourdough for the production of nicely coloured bread. No brewer’s yeast needs to be added.


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