Since 1929 we have been producing flours, semi-finished and semi-finished concentrated products for bakery, pizzeria, pastry

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Concentrated mixes for pizza

Semi-prepared concentrates to be added to flours to lend a distinctive quality to pizza and focaccia doughs.

Our very own concentrated mixes for pizzas are designed to give greater softness and brighter colour to your pizzas and focaccias. The concentrated mixes are suitable for use with cold technology

10 kg open-mouth bags


  • Pizza Delivery

    Molino Magri has developed a concentrated semi-finished product that enhances the fragrance and improves the pizza's preservation theafter cooking. Pizza delivery, added to the usual flour, simplifies the work of the professional pizza maker without distorting method and habits.The times and distances of home delivery are no longer a problem! The dough, enriched with the concentrated semi-finished product Pizza delivery, thanks to the presence of beneficial natural enzymes, will react to cooking more effectively and quickly, your pizza will be melting, alveolate, light and good longer. From the oven to the table at home.  

  • Pizza morbida

    Concentrated mix with powdered milk. Concentrated mix for use at 10% for the production of soft pizza and focaccia. Powdered milk gives extra softness and delicate taste and aroma. The product is also suitable for processes including refrigeration.

  • Pizza al germe

    Concentrated mix with wheat germ. Concentrated mix for use at 30%, to give pizza and focaccia a more intense colour. Wheat germ adds to the product high concentrations of nutritional elements, such as protein, mineral salts, essential fatty acids and vitamins. The product is also suitable for processes including refrigeration.


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