Since 1929 we have been producing flours, semi-finished and semi-finished concentrated products for bakery, pizzeria, pastry

The supply chains

Molino Magri’s headquarters is in Marmirolo, in the areas of Mantua: an area that has always been devoted to wheat, corn, rice production and other land cultivations.
This solid tie with the local land has made the mill one of the principal promoters of supply chains that boost Italian wheat farmed in Lombardy and the Mantua area.

logo mantograno le filiere

MantoGrano: the wheat supply chain from 100% selected wheat from Mantua, cultivated and milled exclusively in this land by selected farmers. This high-quality wheat produces zero-mile low-refined flours UNO and INTEGRO GONZAGA, honouring the family who is the symbol of Mantua around the world. A project promoted with the Confagricoltura Mantova, the Associazione Panificatori Mantovani (Mantua’s Bakers Association) and the sponsorship of the municipality of Mantua.

logo qui vicino le filiere

QuiVicino: flours with carefully selected wheat cultivated exclusively in the Lombardy region by companies adhering to the QV production regulation. This is centred on low-refined flours ZERO QV, UNO QV and INTEGRALE QV. This activity is made possible thanks to a strong collaboration with local partners, among which Bergamo’s Bakers Association, and the Bakers Association of Mantua’s province.

logo filiera italia

Italian supply chain: flours that represent the excellence of 100% Made in Italy from strong wheat of superior quality sown in Italian soil. These flours are suitable for many kinds of preparations, for long proving and starter doughs, for bread making and for pizzas.

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