Since 1929 we have been producing flours, semi-finished and semi-finished concentrated products for bakery, pizzeria, pastry

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Traditional flours

Minimal refinement, rich in fibre and mineral salts

Minimal refinement, rich in fibre and mineral salts


  • Uno Gonzaga

    W: 200-240 The MantoGrano “Uno Gonzaga” is a Type “1” flour made from low-refinement milling of wheat cultivated 100% in Mantua and its province. With high protein content and high water absorption

  • Uno Casereccia

    Our Traditional Flour “Uno Casereccia” is a Type 1 flour obtained by low-refinement milling. Its content of fibre, vitamin and mineral salts results in a tasty product. Suitable for directs doughs and refreshments.

  • Uno 320

    Our “Uno 320” Traditional Flour is a Type 1 flour obtained by low-refinement milling that does not exclude the outer part of the grain to give a tastier product with longer shelf life. A flour rich in fibre, vitamins and mineral salts. Suitable for direct doughs or dough starters (12-16 hours).

  • Uno Rustica

    Our Traditional Flour “Uno Rustica” is a Type 1 flour rich in fibre thanks to the low-refinement milling process used. Despite the presence of small bran parts, the product obtained is light in colour. Ideal for products with long rising times and intense taste such as ciabatta and rustic bread.

  • Due Paesano

    Our Traditional Flour “Country Style” is a Type 2 flour obtained by low refinement milling that makes the product nutritious and well-balanced, rich in fibre and mineral salts. The presence of small bran fragments gives it its dark colour and rustic taste. Ideal for the production of home-style bread, such as Lariano bread.

  • Integro Gonzaga

    W: 200-240. The flour from the MantoGrano “Integro Gonzaga” supply chain is a wholegrain flour produced with a low-refinement process that includes all the kernel’s components. This flour is rich in fibres and mineral salts, with high protein content and high water absorption. It is recommended for direct doughs and for sour dough method (16-20 hours).

  • Integro

    Our Traditional Flour “Integro” is a whole grain flour obtained by low-refinement milling to leave every part of the grain except the germ, to give the product longer shelf-life. Rich in fibre and mineral salts, it gives the products a rustic appearence and a pronounced wheat flavour. Suitable for both direct dough and sour dough method (16-20 hours). 


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