Since 1929 we have been producing flours, semi-finished and semi-finished concentrated products for bakery, pizzeria, pastry


MantoGrano is the supply chain of wheat farmed and milled exclusively in the province of Mantua.


The project of the wheat from Mantua was born from the cooperation between Confagricoltura Mantova (Mantua Association of Farmers) and Molino Magri with the goal to enhance and promote bread and other bakery products from Mantua prepared with local flours, of proven origin, having quality certification.

Thanks to the sponsorship of the municipality of Mantua, school canteens within the municipality distribute bread made 100% in Mantua with MantoGrano flours.

The goal is to provide a safer product by using local raw materials and guaranteeing the processing with maximum transparency for protection of the consumer.

The project is directed to all artisan bakers of Mantua’s area with a further goal to expand also outside the province.

Sharing these principles and values represents a strong support tool for the local economy, a concrete step forward to have the ‘made-in-Mantua’ brand, already known and appreciates for so many of its products, really take off.

Confagricoltura collaborates with Molino Magri, a historic mill from Mantua and a key partner in the project, in promoting together: local flours, ecological sustainability, products made in Mantua, the local economy.

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