Since 1929 we have been producing flours, semi-finished and semi-finished concentrated products for bakery, pizzeria, pastry

Technical Team

Molino Magri, Spirit of a team.

molino magri team tecnico

A highly qualified team to incarnate our know how. Molino Magri gives a turning point regarding quality and decides to form a group of experts belonging to different areas.
Our knowledge and professional approach are transmitted from the individual to the collective, in a symbolic passage and potentiality of consultancy and knowledge.

Tradition is the real engine that keeps us on top. Expertize that lives today inside an innovative and technological structure, guided with passion and competence by a group of people who interpret the spirit and philosophy of Magri family. The group of people that constitute the technical team of Molino Magri contribute to the production of flour, semi-prepared mixes and concentrates of high quality every day.

To promote the value of quality to everyone and diffuse the culture of flour is the fundamental aim of the team: because the flours of our family are the fruit of harmony between nature and technique.

Why the group?

Total synchrony. We at Molino Magri like thinking about the process of elaboration of flour as a mechanism perfectly oiled in all phases, from the selection of resting grains in stock for a quality even higher.

At the same time we repute that the quality of a company depends on the level of participation and on the passion of single individuals who share different competences to give life to a communal, articulate and forever more extended project.

It is the harmonious union which puts into action and gives body to an idea. Although, this is properly incarnated by our logo. The ear of wheat is melted with the letter “M” of our Molino, to symbolize what is indispensable to the other to realise flour.

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