Since 1929 we have been producing flours, semi-finished and semi-finished concentrated products for bakery, pizzeria, pastry


Flours and mixes for pizza

Molino Magri boasts a complete range of products for professional pizza chefs!
We sell classic and special soft wheat flours, semi-prepared mixes, semi-processed concentrates, improvers and dusting mixes.
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Pizza flours 13 RESULTS

  • Route36

    W: 270 ÷ 290. Soft wheat plain flour.ROUTE 36 is the ideal flour for Pizza Ruota di Carro and all the products that require highly extensible doughs.Soft wheat plain flour obtained from carefully selected grains among the varieties that have an excellent supply of soluble proteins and Glutenins. A skilful grinding is also able to regulate the quantity and ratio of soluble and insoluble fibres to benefit both nutritionally and rheologically, i.e. from the plasticity of the doughs. With ROUTE 36 it is therefore to get very extensible doughs, which do not retract or tear, easy to spread.  

  • IN3

    W: 330 - 360. A professional blend of soft wheat flours obtained by processing the whole grain: the fine and coarse bran flakes, fibre and 100% wholesome MantoGrano wheat germ – grown and processed entirely in Italy – all remain intact.This innovate, FUORI DAGLI SCHEMI product is one of a kind, with an ash (i.e. mineral) content of more than 0.95% but lower than the 1.30% content of whole grains. IN3 reflects our quest for more natural processes: the coarser milling preserves the most precious parts of the wheat, which therefore retains not only its organoleptic qualities but also the fibre content of the bran.This flour combines excellent nutritional characteristics with superior workability compared to wholemeal flour, for a rustic and fragrant pizza base that melts in the mouth, with an intense taste and a darker colour than doughs made using type ‘1’ and ‘2’ flours. 

  • Doppiaesse

    W: 290 ÷ 310. Professional mixture of soft wheat flours, ideal for pizza with very high and airy rim.DOPPIAESSE is obtained from the milling of partially pre-sprouted grains.The presence of natural beneficial enzymes enhances the quality of the dough: the result is an extraordinary light and digestible pizza.DOPPIAESSE allows you to reach incredible results with batches 10% lighter than the average. 

  • Anniversario Cuore

    W: 280 ÷ 300. The Anniversario flours' line is composed of low refining soft wheat flours with wheat germ. It offers a concentrate of nutrients, ideal for a market which is more and more focused on the healthy characteristics of food. The Anniversarios are versatile flours and suitable for a light and digestible product.These flours are born one year after the celebrations of the ninetieth birth-day. They tell the memory, the story and the know-how of our mill through its research centre.Anniversario CUORE is ideal for medium/long leavening. 


Pizza mixes 7 RESULTS

  • Integralcrockizza

    Mix of wholemeal common wheat flour with wheat germ and pieces, dehydrated sourdough. It is ideal for the production of well-aired and crispy wholemeal "alla romana" pizza, rich in fibre, aromatic and tasty.  

  • Cerealcrockizza

    It is a mix of low-refined Type ‘1’ common wheat flour, rice semolina, sunflower seeds, linseeds, sesame seeds, wholemeal rye flour, dehydrated sourdough and toasted soy flour. It is ideal for the production of well-aired and crispy "alla romana" pizza, rich in fibre, aromatic and tasty.  

  • Risocrockizza

    Mix of low-refined Type ‘1’ common wheat flour, rice semolina and toasted soy flour with high absorption power (the mix absorbs more than 80% water). Natural rising with sourdough in the mixture. It is ideal for the production of well-aired "alla Romana" pizza, crispy and light with a delicate taste, ideal to enhance its topping and flavour.  

  • Farrocrockizza

    Mix of low-refined Type ‘1’ common wheat flour, whole grain spelt flour, rice semolina and toasted soy flour with a high absorption power (the mix absorbs more than 80% water). Natural proving with sour dough in the mixture. It is ideal for the production of well-aired and crispy "Alla Romana" pizza, rich in fibre, aromatic and tasty with decided flavour of heirloom cereals.   


Concentrated mixes for pizza 3 RESULTS

  • Pizza Delivery

    Molino Magri has developed a concentrated semi-finished product that enhances the fragrance and improves the pizza's preservation theafter cooking. Pizza delivery, added to the usual flour, simplifies the work of the professional pizza maker without distorting method and habits.The times and distances of home delivery are no longer a problem! The dough, enriched with the concentrated semi-finished product Pizza delivery, thanks to the presence of beneficial natural enzymes, will react to cooking more effectively and quickly, your pizza will be melting, alveolate, light and good longer. From the oven to the table at home.  

  • Pizza morbida

    Concentrated mix with powdered milk. Concentrated mix for use at 10% for the production of soft pizza and focaccia. Powdered milk gives extra softness and delicate taste and aroma. The product is also suitable for processes including refrigeration.

  • Pizza al germe

    Concentrated mix with wheat germ. Concentrated mix for use at 30%, to give pizza and focaccia a more intense colour. Wheat germ adds to the product high concentrations of nutritional elements, such as protein, mineral salts, essential fatty acids and vitamins. The product is also suitable for processes including refrigeration.


Pizza improvers 1 RESULTS

  • Malto plus

    Malto Plus is mixture of barley and wheat malts. It is Suitable for doughs with biga and flours with low amylasic activity. It enables fermentation, develops a good honeycomb texture, grants a more intense colour, taste and scent. Usage rate 1-2% of flour weight. 


Dusting mixes 2 RESULTS

  • Spolvere per pizza

    Nonstick mixes created for dusting. Ideal for solving problems of dough sticking to surfaces, speeding up dough handling, improving the crunchiness of the finished product and reducing adhesions to the oven. The following versions are available to suit different dusting needs:LASPOLVERA: version with fine durum wheat flour enriched with rice somlina and corn flour.LASPOLVERA P1: version with type 0 common wheat flour and fine durum wheat semolina.  

  • Friggi Oro

    Ideal for breading, flouring and battering any food such as fish, meat and vegetables before frying. FRIGGIORO adheres perfectly to the food, leaving your oil cleaner for longer. It reduces fat absorption, for crunchy, light and easy-to-digest fried food every time. 


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