Since 1929 we have been producing flours, semi-finished and semi-finished concentrated products for bakery, pizzeria, pastry

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Flour, Semolina, and Re-milled Semolina for fresh pasta and dry pasta

Molino Magri introduces a new line of products dedicated to the world of PASTA.
Flours, Semolina and Re-Milled Semolina designed for making all types of fresh pasta and dry pasta.

Download the catalog and discover all the dedicated products.

Flours for fresh pasta 2 RESULTS


    PASTAPIU is a Type '00' wheat flour for making fresh pasta.With its excellent plasticity and elasticity, due to its high protein content, PASTAPIU stands out for its uniform grain structure and less than 0.45% ash, and is thus ideal for making fresh pasta capable of keeping its colour for several days.PASTAPIU is the ideal ingredient for making traditional fresh pasta in all its innumerable shapes and types, including puff pastry, pressed pasta, gnocchi, trofie, and stuffed pastas like ravioli, tortellini, agnoli and many others.

  • chef pastapiu

    PASTAPIU is also available in small size ATM bags (1kg), to ensure even better and longer keeping.


Semolinas for bread and pasta 2 RESULTS

  • Semolina

    Durum wheat semolina is made with selected wheat and stands out for its high protein content.It gives the product excellent cooking qualities and the flavour typical of homemade pasta. With its characteristic yellow colour, it makes for a rough, porous product.It is ideal for making both dried and fresh durum wheat pasta, ad well ad for giving body-to-baked goods.

  • Re-milled semolina

    Re-milled durum wheat semolina is made from selected wheat and stands for its high protein content and characteristic yellow colour.It is a highly productive flour, yielding products with excellent keeping qualities.It is ideal for dusting with flour and baking.


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