Since 1929 we have been producing flours, semi-finished and semi-finished concentrated products for bakery, pizzeria, pastry

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Molino Magri

Your ideal partner for professional pizza flours from italy

Since 1929, Family, Passion and Research characterize the story of Molino Magri.
Molino Magri’s work has consistently been marked by a deep spirit of innovation, weaving a narrative that encompasses tradition and the local landscape.

Our company is a milling one that produces a wide range of flours for professional use in bakery, pizza-making, pastry-making, industry and catering, to meet all needs all over the World.



sacco farine DOPPIAESSE


DOPPIAESSE is a plain flour professional mix of partially pregerminated common wheats, ideal for pizza a very high and airy crust in just 6/8 hours. 



d sacco farina Route36 2023


ROUTE36 is a professional soft wheat plain flour, ideal forPizza a Ruota di Carro and all the products that require highly extensible doughs.

(Rising Time 16/24h)




sacco farine PLUSS


PLUS S is a plain common wheat flour, characterized by a great plasticity and strength.

(Rising Time 8/12 hours)


sacco farine RED


RED is a a blend of plain common wheat flour, for doughs with traditional method, ideal for "Neapolitan Pizza".

(Rising Time 12/16 hours)




sacchetto MagriFree NA 1 kg sito


MAGRIfree NAPOLETANA is a gluten free flour for pizzas and bread with a light and airy crust and fragrant flavour, comparable to baked goods made with soft wheat flour but 100% Gluten Free.



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