Since 1929 we have been producing flours, semi-finished and semi-finished concentrated products for bakery, pizzeria, pastry

Anniversario Cuore

Product code: ANNIVERCUORE

sacco farine ANNIVERSARIO

Anniversario Cuore

Product code: ANNIVERCUORE

W: 280 ÷ 300. The Anniversario flours' line is composed of low refining soft wheat flours with wheat germ. It offers a concentrate of nutrients, ideal for a market which is more and more focused on the healthy characteristics of food. The Anniversarios are versatile flours and suitable for a light and digestible product.

These flours are born one year after the celebrations of the ninetieth birth-day. They tell the memory, the story and the know-how of our mill through its research centre.

Anniversario CUORE is ideal for medium/long leavening.

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W. Chopin: 280 ÷ 300

Trade Name Common wheat flour type “0”
Ingredients Common wheat flour 100% (There are bran parts including the germ deriving from low-refining milling processes)
Shelf life 6 months
W. Chopin 280 ÷ 300
P/L Chopin 0,50 ÷ 0,55
Gluten (dry basis) > 13,0 %
Ash (dry basis) < 0,65 %
Moisture (at 105°C) < 15,5 %

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