Since 1929 we have been producing flours, semi-finished and semi-finished concentrated products for bakery, pizzeria, pastry


Flours and mixes for pastry and bakery

Flours for pastry and bakery 9 RESULTS

  • Frolla

    W: 120 - 130. Patent flour (Type ‘00’) obtained from selected italian and european wheats. Ideal for rapid doughs. Ideal to produce friable and tasty shortcrust pastry. Recommended for all shortcrust pastry based preparations: tarts, shortbreads, pastries and biscuits, wafers.  

  • Pan di spagna

    W: 200 - 220. Patent flour (Type ‘00’) obtained from selected italian and european wheats. It is characterised by a good plasticity. Ideal for direct doughs with short rising times. Ideal to produce voluminous and fluffy sponge cakes. Recommended for cakes, doughnuts, cream puffs and fried sweets.  

  • Sfoglia

    W: 250 - 260. Patent flour (Type ‘00’) obtained from selected italian and european wheats. It is characterised by plasticity and strength. Ideal for direct doughs with medium rising times. Ideal to produce tender and flaky puff pastry, suitable for sweet and savory recipes. Recommended for millefeuille, palmiers, vol-au-vent, small pastry and puff pastry pizzas.

  • Croissant

    W: 320 - 330. Patent flour (Type ‘00’) obtained from selected italian, european and north american wheats.  Suitable to produce doughs that require to be laminated, folded and rolled. Ideal to obtain layered, flaky and voluminous products. Recommended for brioches and croissants.


Mixes for pastry and bakery 3 RESULTS

  • Miscela Plumcake

    Sweetened self-raising mix suitable for the production of emulsified doughs. Contains no added flavourings. Suitable to produce fluffy and tasty plumcake, doughnuts and muffins.  

  • Miscela Pan di Spagna

    Self-raising mix of soft wheat flour and rice starch suitable for the production of emulsified doughs. Contains no added flavourings. Suitable to produce sponge cakes and fluffy products.  

  • Miscela brioches

    Mix for the production of laminated doughs for flaky pastries. Contains no added flavourings. Suitable to produce airy brioches and fragrant croissants.  


Improvers for sweet products 1 RESULTS

  • Malto plus

    Malto Plus is mixture of barley and wheat malts. It is Suitable for doughs with biga and flours with low amylasic activity. It enables fermentation, develops a good honeycomb texture, grants a more intense colour, taste and scent. Usage rate 1-2% of flour weight. 


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